On May 7th, 2019, I stopped by the Lloyd’s Register booth at OTC to chat with employees about a new service offered by Lloyd’s – Digital Twin. There with me at the meeting were Lloyd’s personnel who are involved in this endeavor:

  • Luis Benito, Innovation and Co-Creation Director, Marine and Offshore

  • Vaibhav Parsoya, Innovation Owner, Marine and Offshore

  • Nicola Good, Head of Brand and External Relations, Marine and Offshore

IMG_0755.JPGThis ambitious project addresses several issues as relates to the hull of an FPSO. Here are a few of the main points addressed.

  • The twin is offered to customers as a service, primarily

  • The twin simulates how the hull will hold up under various strains in the ocean, like wind, waves, and storms

  • All the modeling tools, numeral analysis programs, and analytics tools are developed inhouse by Lloyd’s

  • The goal is to predict hull failures before they happen due to harsh operating environments, incuding wear and tear; thus increasing the life of the asset

  • Bottom line is to improve the client’s bottom line, cost savings, and added value

  • The service also has a feature that address health management


There is still time to come over to OTC and speak with the Lloyd’s team. Please see their website: ww.lr.org.

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