On Monday, May 6, 2019, I spoke with Paal Roppen, CEO and Darrell Knight, EVP Global, from FutureOn about their web based platform: FieldAP.  FieldAP is a web based engineering tool for subsea systems. Assets are digitized and stored in the cloud; thus essentially creating a digital twin. The application can be used for new engineering designs or for exiting subsea projects. What makes it useful is the ability to collaborate with experts globally. Across the planet, all experts can access the project information and work together via conference calls.

FieldAp is an Spotlight on Technology Award winner presented by OTC. Here are a few essential product highlights.

  • FieldAp is a platform with a library of assets: platforms, FPSOs, maniforlds, embilicals, electrical components, and pipes.
  • The application is essentially “drag and drop”, and “point and click” that allows a quick graphical representation of the subsea asset in 2D and 3D.
  • On the backend, you can connect key engineering software packages from 3rd party vendors that allow you to do the hard number crunching, like fluid flow, heat transfer, structural design, and electrical power systems.
  • There is also a project management feature and this comes with the ability to automatically create a bill of material; thereby, allowing you to determine the cost of your project based on pricing data that you select.
  • And finally, since the application is web based, you can collaborate with your experts from all over the world – working freely and easily with different scenarios to your designs.


Paal and Darrell will be at OTC all this week. Come by and visit the FutureOn booth.

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