The MPUR and Conference will be held on May 9, 2019 at the Alessandra Hotel in Downtown Houston.  Register for free to this event by using the access code, FREEACCESS, at the following website:

Here is a short list of speakers and topics:

Keynote FinalRailroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton will discuss his role in regulating energy production in the largest energy producing state in the country. His remarks will include a discussion of the challenges and opportunities that Texas energy producers face as well as a global energy market outlook including his thoughts on oil and natural gas prices and where they are headed as well as export potential. With all of the development taking place in Texas, Commissioner Sitton sees first-hand industry trends, bottlenecks and opportunities and is excited to discuss all of these issues and more

T GutierrezCyber security is no longer just a corporate IT problem. As tracking and sharing critical data becomes more relevant in the digital transformation of onshore and offshore programs, the responsibility of planning, managing and mitigating cyber security risks is transitioning to an operator/engineer responsibility. With projects varying in type and size, what must today’s engineer do to design and maintain sustainable, safe systems in the future? We’ll look at case studies from operators, OEMs, and service providers to identify key trends in critical infrastructure security programs that succeed and fail. Additionally, we will hear from two distinct industry experts outlining the top 3 things engineers can do to incorporate cyber risk into their planning lifecycle. Attendees will walk away with a working knowledge of the frameworks applicable to support further research and best practices from industry experts.

RJ BroderickShell contracted TFMC to provide an alternative subsea boosting solution for BC-10 using MudLine Pump technology, to reduce field Opex. The MLP is scoped as a drop-in module, fully compatible with the existing infrastructure, including: VFD power, subsea mechanical interfaces, controls, hydraulics, and chemical injection. Despite the prior development of the TFMC/Sulzer 3MW Subsea Pump (MK1), the specifics of the BC10 application demanded further development and qualification. Design pressure increased from 5ksi to 7.5ksi which demanded requalification of motor and barrier fluid circuitry components. Additionally, the task of pumping multiphase fluids with a wide range of viscosities and GVFs created opportunities for developments in operational pump control. To meet this, a flexible control strategy which included software, instrumentation, and process hardware, was deployed. The integrated project team worked to deliver and start-up in 2019 a fully operable solution with reduced intervention cost.

My readers know I am here to find you all the good deals.  So dont forget, register using the access code, FREEACCESS, at

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