I was honored to attend CERAWeek, and this is really the most impressive interview, conducted last month, that I have ever seen.  Kaeser and Yergin explain how our world is actually in a state of nasty competition despite the success of “Globalism”.  Mr Kaeser states the the issue at hand is the redistribution of wealth.    He expands by saying that climate change is not really a great issue because the technology to solve that problem already exists.  The question is, how is the wealth going to be distributed internationally?


Mr Kaeser goes on to note that there are 5 issues facing our world:

  1. Nationalism
  2. Climate Change
  3. Global Migration
  4. 4th Industrial Revolution
  5. Short Term Thinking

My only divergence from his statements is on Nationalism.  What is wrong with saying, “Americans for American jobs” or “Take care of your own citizens first”?  The overarching theme of the interview is a positive stance on “Globalism” – which I am against.

Please click on the picture above to view the video.

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