Here is a clip of the press conference held by President Trump recently in San Antonio, Texas.  Before watching the video, perhaps an explanation of some technical terms is a good idea:

  • Coyote – known as a dog like animal, in this case it is a human smuggler.  The smuggler roams the prairie at night like a coyote.
  • Bracero – means “manual laborer”, comes from the Spanish word for arm, “brazo”, the laborer uses his arms.

What really caught my ear is that the press conference states that oil field workers are being murdered in South Texas by illegal aliens.  Furthermore, I covered the 2016 Texas Republican Party Convention in Dallas and I spoke directly with Texans who are having their homes and properties trespassed by illegal aliens.

And lastly, this is not really a new issue.  As a drafting trainee, 1979, working in Houston, I would work late and earn valuable overtime to pay for my college.  Since, I am Hispanic, and speak Spanish, I would talk to the janitors that came in to clean up the office at night.  Way back then, they were telling stories about how people would die in the desert making their way to the USA.  It is about time we put an end to this.

Please enjoy the below clip:

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