I attended the I3: Innovation, Intelligent Automation and Impact Sourcing meeting on Wednesday at the University of St. Thomas campus.  I found it to be informative with respect to several different areas relating to supply chain management.


Some of the topics discussed at the meeting include the following items:

  • Digitization in supply chain management
  • The essence of artificial intelligence and computer learning
  • Staffing and talent acquisition, particularly with regard to giving the disadvantaged opportunities in this country and abroad


Here is the conference description as given by the organizers:

Attendees will learn how digital innovation and intelligent automation, when applied to areas such as print management and supplier payments, can drive significant savings, improve efficiency and generate significant new revenue.

Learn how the use of Intelligent Automation can contribute to youth job training/creation worldwide thru the new Impact Sourcing Initiative – Socially Responsible Intelligent Automation!


This event is hosted by the University of St. Thomas because their MBA programs work closely with industry on such topics.  For more information on this event and others coming to the University of St. Thomas, please contact Seth Romo, UST Cameron School of Business, 713/525-6978


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