The GCA Conference came to a close on Friday, March 22, 2019, at the Moody Gardens Conference Center, Galveston, Texas.  Although Friday is a day mostly of committee meetings, the important day to be at the conference is Thursday.


We started the day on Thursday with a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.  I just learned how to play this game at the tournament.  It is basically 7 card stud with 5 cards face up on the table that everyone can use.  Each player gets 2 cards and can create a hand from the 5 cards that are face up.  Someone got a straight flush.  The objective is to win as many chips as possible and get great prizes for the top players.


After a great lunch, we then heard from motivational speaker Scott Burrows.  By the age of 19, Scott was a top all round athlete:  golf, track, football wide receiver at Florida State University, and top ranked black belt kick boxing champion.  But, in 1984, it all came to an end in a freak car accident, where Scott was not driving; and he was paralyzed from the chest down.


Scott entered the speaking stage in a wheelchair on Thursday, then half way through his speech; he got up and started walking.  He finished his talk standing and even took a few swings with a golf club.  His key point is “visualize your dreams”; because with a properly focused goal, then dreams can come true.


We then finished the evening with a Casino Night!.  The aim is to win as many chips as possible then convert them to tickets for a drawing.  The drawing consisted of tons of nice gifts like coffee maker, luggage, and beverages.  We played games like black jack, and roulette, among others.  In essence, we ended the conference with a lot of fun and good will.


The GCA Conference returns to Galveston every Spring.  Please view their website:



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