On the final day of CERAWeek, 3/15/2019, Hilton Americas Hotel, City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is interviewed by Daniel Yergin in a session entitled, “Creating Resilient Cities For The Future”.  Mayor Turner noted that after hurricane Harvey, the operative word for Houston is not “rebuild”, because the previous plan obviously did not work.  Rather, the intention is to transform Houston into a more resilient city, both physically and economically.


In the first place, the infrastructure in Houston must be improved.  That is to expand the means of transportation via highway, roads, rail, and bus – like high speed rail.  Furthermore, the city needs to implement a strategy for draining water effectively during storms.  Turner said that the city is currently making plans to develop more efficient draining systems that will get the water out of Houston, whether it is to the Gulf of Mexico, or elsewhere.


Secondly, the Mayor said that Houston must diversify its economy.  Historically, Houston has been an oil town.  Although that has changed in recent years, only 40% of the economy is based on oil, the city must continue in the areas of medicine and information technology.  Turner stated that the city is currently creating organizations that will foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment – for instance, Houston Exponential.

Please see more photos below from the meeting on Friday.  http://www.ceraweek.com







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