Joe Kaeser, president of Siemens AG and Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman of IHS Markit, get together over lunch to discuss a hot topic:  New World of Rivalries.  The theme is that the world has changed since the Cold War – it was once right or left, East or West.

However now the world is a wide open playing field – a competitive arena full of competition.  This competition is adding to global warming.  The first world nations cannot tell the 3rd world nations to stop producing, because the planet got this way due to the first world nations making their wealth.

Joe and Daniel agree that the world needs to be involved in a dialogue on how to save the planet.  It is not that we lack the technology.  We already have all the high technology devices required to save energy and save the planet.  The problem is how to distribute the wealth.  The session ends on the note that we should all hope it does not take a world wide catastrophe to bring us to the discussion table

Please enjoy more photos from the morning sessions.









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