The ABB Customer World event is in Houston:  George R. Brown Convention Center, Mar 4 – 7, 2019.  This is a 4 day event designed for networking with ABB employees from all over the world.  The event showcases ABB products exclusively.


The things that really caught my eye are the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) offered by ABB.  The company offers DCS that can handle small processes and very large systems.  Also offered are PLCs and safety shutdown systems.


ABB also offers large electrical equipment like transformers, switch gear, and motor control centers.  They also do small scale automation that removes the mechanical repetitive movements that humans once had to do.  ABB is additionally promoting safety in the work place by introducing a program that emphasizes a move towards a safety centered work culture


On Tuesday night, we had a large, conference wide mixer.  We celebrated Marti Gras, Louisiana cuisine was served, beverages were also on hand.  Music entertainment was also provided featuring 3 spectacular bands, one of which was the ABB Corporate Band.


Please see ABB’s website:






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