I spoke with representatives from Sourcewater while attending the North American Shale Water Management Conference, at the J. W. Marriott Galleria, Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2019.  Water that comes from oil wells is considered an industrial waste.  It must be tracked from source to final destination, and all data is reported to the local state government.


Sourcewater partners with the Texas Railroad Commission, obtains all reported data, and allows it to be viewed in one convenient location:  Water Asset Intelligence Platform.  The data is overlapped with aerial maps that allows one to see exactly who is producing, selling, and disposing of produced water.  A great tool for buyers and sellers of all kinds in this market.

Here are a few key characteristics of the Water Asset Intelligence Platform:

• Discover Every Oil, Gas, Disposal, Injection, and Water Well Instantly

• Track Disposal Utilization Including Volume and Pressure

• Research and Forecast Produced Water Volumes

• View Produced Water Movements From Lease to Disposal

• Find every oilfield frac pit including estimated size, location, and ownership

• View landowner surface rights by parcel

• Identify rig locations and ownership

Benjamin Reed, Chief Operating Officer
EMAIL: ben@sourcewater.com | WEB: http://www.sourcewater.com
ADDRESS: 1301 Fannin Street, Suite 2440, Houston, TX 77002 USA
OFFICE: 713-909-4664 | MOBILE: 432-400-2945





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