The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium is held Feb 27 – 28, 2019, Marathon Oil Tower. There are presentations and exhibitions on new technologies and innovations.  A main theme at the symposium is to create a platform for innovators and private capital to hook up.  Please read below a description as issued by the organizer:   SPE – Gulf Coast Section.  Also, enjoy some photos of the mixer held on Feb 27th.


Throughout the recent cycles, the oil and gas industry has continued to change at a rapid pace. Innovation is a key part of surviving and thriving, and our industry has seen several examples of innovations including longer laterals, advanced completions, high-resolution subsurface diagnostics, increased digitalization and many other technological advances. Regardless of the oil price tomorrow, it is imperative to continue this innovative mindset and challenging the status quo.


To capitalize on the positive impact that disruption and change can have on our industry, the SPE-Gulf Coast Section is excited to host the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium in Houston. This annual two-day event brings together the oil and gas investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and corporate leaders that together make up the oil and gas innovation and entrepreneurship community.


The agenda includes keynote speeches, panel sessions, and a half-day shark tank event. These events are led by innovators, thought leaders, and speakers that are subject matter experts in their fields. We are confident that everyone will find something extremely useful and interesting during the IES! Enjoy the event and we are looking forward seeing you again next year!


We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting our mission and making this Symposium possible!







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