The 3rd Annual LNG USA Summit returns to Houston.  The event is held at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown, Feb 26 – 27, 2019.  The event includes paper presentations, exhibitions, and a mixer held last evening.  Here are examples of the presentation and exhibition topics:


  •  Industry Market Outlook, Trends and Opportunities
  •  The Assumptions and Real Costs of LNG Projects
  •  Canadian and Alaskan LNG Projects as Potential Main Suppliers for Asia
  •  Bunkering in the US
  •  U.S. Natural Gas Markets and Pricing. Comparison Between Natural Gas Price Differential in the Permian and Henry Hub


  • Project Execution Challenges That Have Led to Serious Cost Overruns in the U.S. Gulf Coast
  • New Technology & Innovations in LNG Infrastructure
  • Mid-Large Scale LNG Demand and Developments
  • Small-Scale LNG Growth Through Conversion


The conference ends today.  Please refer to the event website for more information.




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