I spoke to Bob Francis and Oswaldo Rodriguez of Lloyd’s Register AllAssets Team at the ARC Industry Forum on Feb. 5th, 2019.  They informed me that Lloyd’s Register has just released a new software package called LR AllAssets –  an asset performance and risk mitigation system.


The objective of this tool is to use historical, design, and process data to predict equipment likelihood of failure and the model the consequence of that failure.  For instance, storage tank leakage.  The program can predict when the tank needs to be checked and what the consequence would be of that leak and how the fluid disperses in the ground; thereby affecting the environment.  Lloyd’s has powerful models that can calculat the rate of corrosion and predict unsafe operating thresholds.  A key feature of this program is that it is plug and play, and also configurable by the user.

Here is a short laundry list of the things that AllAssets can help you predict.

  • Tank and other fixed equipment corrosion
  • Required relief valve maintenance
  • Pump shaft seal failure
  • Compressor bearing failure
  • Pipe erosion

For more information, please contact

Oswaldo Rodriguez
Lloyd’s Register

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