The EPC Contract Management Forum concluded its first day with  a great mixer on the 24th floor of the Westin Galleria Hotel on Jan 16, 2019.  When making a deal, there are a lot of details for an EPC to consider; for instance handling disputes, insurance, arbitration, and getting lawyers to go ever inch of the contract.


Here are some of the key topics discussed at  the forum.

  • Employing International Anticorruption Procedures to Guarantee Compliance in EPC Contracts
  • Removing Ambiguities and Risky Clauses in an EPC Contract
  • Solidifying Liquidated Damages in EPC Contracts


  • Ensuring Sub-Contractor Buy-In when Preparing and Entering Contracts
  • Owner vs. Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs
  • Limitations of Solutions for Common Common Mega-Project Pitfalls under EPC Contracts
  • Particularities in Contracting for Specific Projects
  • The Impact of Technology on EPC and EPC(M) Agreements
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation – Lessons Learned for Future Projects


Today is the last day of the event.  If you are still interested in attending please contact Victoria Lambert at TEL 312.488.8144.  Otherwise, see you next year.  Also check out their website: .




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