By The Numbers Redux, 2018 End Of Year

I have only been doing this series since Aug of 2018, but here are the numbers for the end of the year.  Bottom line:  we basically ended where the series started.  But there are some headlines making the news and some trends here to take note of.


In the figure above, crude oil production is trending upward and it should continue upward.  In the figure below, crude oil exports are trending upward and that should also continue in that direction.  The reason for these predictions is because President Trump and the oil industry have signaled that they want the US to be a net oil exporter; and furthermore, new pipelines will be opening up in 2019 that will help sustain this goal.


2019 should be a blowout for the hydrocarbon processing industry.  I just hope the scenario does not go like it usually does:  production capacity spikes, then follows inventories, and ultimately CRASH!!!  Anyone want a free foreclosed mansion in Houston?

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