Here is a video from Fox News.  Judith Miller, journalist, says that the US needs a “technological wall”.  I say that no one, except Jesus, can walk through walls.  The liberals want to use drones instead.  Who is going to be stopped by a drone?  Miller indirectly snickers at Trump, “first it was wall, now it is slats”, then counters with we need “cameras and drones”.


Bleeding heart liberals like this are typically Ivy League educated, northeastern elites.  They often have nice government jobs, or work with well funded lobbyist groups, or work for a cushy think tank – not to mention they live in pretty nice homes in Washington D. C. or NYC.  It is easy to cry crocodile tears for the poor of 3rd World nations when you have a direct pipeline into the well guarded slush funds of Washington D. C.

I had the privilege of attending the 2015 Texas Republican Convention in Dallas.  While there, I had the opportunity to look right into the eyes of people who have had their children murdered, or folks that have had their homes invaded, by illegals.  I recommend that you all attend your state’s political conventions.  Talk to the people on the ground living the reality and do not listen to those elite liberals that live in gated communities or plush NYC high rises.



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