I spoke with Tarisha Patel, Chief Technology Officer at My Safety Profiler, during the conference.  She indicates that everything is going digital and there is no time nor space for filling out mountains of forms to satisfy safety requirements.  Her company’s software can make doing safety quick and easy on a mobile device:  Android, iPhone, or laptop.


Here are some of the software’s key functions:

  • Work Orders – Perform surveys of your facility and use the library of templates to record safety issues.  A work order can then be generated and sent to your team members for maintenance or resolution.
  • Incident Reports – Any employee can immediately report an incident through the software that is sent straight to the Safety Manager.
  • Reporting incidents is a requirement.  The software organizes all the data that is reported and populates preformatted forms that are accepted by OSHA.:  forms 300, 300a, and 301.
  • GPS Based Contractor Management – Contractors can check in or out using the software.  The time is then ported to time sheets.  The GPS capability also facilitates pinpointing safety incidents.

Tarisha Patel


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