Neste Corporation News 8 November 2018

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) and Neste Engineering Solutions have signed a collaboration agreement regarding NAPCON operator training simulators for residue hydrocracking technologies. The agreement will cover all the residue hydrocracking technologies of Chevron Lummus Global, for example LC-FININGTM, LC-Max®, LC-SLURRY. The purpose of this collaboration is to offer solutions for all end-customer training solution needs for operating residue hydrocracking.


Simulator based training is an effective learning method at different phases of a production plant lifecycle. NAPCON Simulators can be utilized in the design phase by testing the process design to verify functionalities. Naturally the NAPCON Simulator is used to practice smooth start-up and shut-down of a plant. Furthermore during operations, special situations such as feed changes, equipment changes, end product changes, and so forth can also be rehearsed.

“By entering into this collaboration, we are responding to the increasing customer need to guarantee safe and efficient production operations. We believe that utilizing a truly realistic operator training system, we can help our customers to reach that goal. We have a joint track record with NAPCON for over a decade now with working on residue hydrocracking process. NAPCON Simulator has dynamic process models that truly match the actual process in any conditions, which we have not seen anywhere. This cooperation will bring significant added value to our customers and it is a perfect fit to our process licenses”, tells Leon de Bruyn, Managing Director, Chevron Lummus Global.

“We are very excited to announce this collaboration with Chevron Lummus Global, which is a leading process technology licensor for hydrocracking technologies and a global leader in catalyst system supply. They are one of the best known companies in the oil industry and have contributed to the oil industry for a long time. With this cooperation with CLG our target is to deliver to our customers complete operator training solutions and bring added value to our customers by providing a total solution jointly with CLG “, says Patrick von Essen, Managing Director, Neste Engineering Solutions.

More information:
Joanna Viileinen, Communication and Marketing Specialist,,
tel. +358 50 458 9557

Maribeth Duggins, +1 832-513-1754

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