Press Release From D3O: A New Back of Hand Standard is Coming – Are You Ready?

Press release: 22nd October 2018

A new back of hand impact protection standard – to be known as ANSI/ISEA 138 – will be published later this year.

The new standard puts in place three performance levels of impact protection for the back of the hand in industrial workwear gloves. The standard mandates consistent testing for these three levels, to ensure a reliable measure to indicate how protective the glove is for the workers hand.

Simple pictograms to be displayed on the products have also been developed for the standard, showing which protection level the product meets and simplifying decision making for Health and Safety Officers.

The standard was created by a committee of leading glove manufacturers and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), chaired by materials experts D3O, and is being backed by industry experts.


The upcoming ISEA 138 standard will assist end-users and PPE specifiers in evaluating and assessing the quality of the impact protection offered, and in selecting appropriate PPE for industrial workers,” stated Cristine Fargo, ISEA Director of Technical Services.

The work on this standard reflects a proactive process to include state of the art material performance and technology to address the needs of workers.”

Ron Hope, Value Safety Manager for Luck Companies, said: “A standard, as a recommendation at least, with defined performance levels, will help when trying to decide which glove is appropriate for each task.

I do think an impact performance standard will be of huge benefit…it will provide a structure for us to work with. It will help us know what we are looking for and decide what level of impact resistance we need for a specific job.”

D3O has driven the production of the standard with the aim of providing consistency, simplifying the language surrounding glove performance, and making improvements for workers safety.

Mostyn Thomas, D3O General Manager, comments “The new standard will allow Health and Safety Managers to really understand if they’re properly protecting their workforce.  We’re looking forward to seeing manufacturers adopt the standard and consumers beginning to demand the gloves that meet the 138 standard and that will keep them safe.”

Imogen Naylor-Higgs

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