Wonderlogix: PLC Programming, Without The Programming

This company offers a graphical interface for PLC programming.  You dont have to do the ladder logic.  Please read their press release below and click on the logo to view their video.



Contact: Nanci Brown, WonderLogix

Disruptive Technology Brings Industrial Revolution to PLC Programming

[HAIFA, ISRAEL, May 23, 2018–] WonderLogix Ltd. has been selected for a €1.9M ($2.2M USD) equity-free investment by the EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program. The SME Instrument invests in companies that demonstrate world-class technology innovation, prove they have a sound business plan, and show great promise in becoming a profitable high-growth company.  “Competition is tough—only the most convincing and excellent proposals get funded after a thorough evaluation by multinational panels of technology, business and finance experts.” (EU SME Instrument, 2018)

This investment will support WonderLogix’s enterprise platform enhancements and commercial expansion. It will allow for the development of Siemens PLC integration—to complement existing integration with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley—and a live-monitoring control system dashboard.

Control systems run industrial facilities like power plants, water systems and factories, via programmable logic controllers (“PLCs”), industrial computers that are notoriously challenging to program. Twenty percent (20%) of accidents in industrial control systems are caused by PLC programming errors, leading to costly operations and unplanned downtime.

The WonderLogix enterprise platform provides the solution by replacing manual programming with reusable logic requirements in plain English, and automatically generating operational code and documentation. The benefits and potential of this disruptive technology are clear to anyone who works with PLCs and control systems. Client Ran Nachmani, Engineering Manager, Unilever Israel, said: “Commissioning the system was completed successfully in just two hours and without making any changes to the automatically generated code”.

“Our mission is to improve PLC programming effectiveness and efficiency, with a significant, lasting effect on the industry. Our clients slash their time-to-market by at least 50%, by cutting out manual programming and documentation time, and minimizing commissioning time”, said WonderLogix CEO Gonen Ziv.

Platform benefits include:

  • Absolutely no programming know-how required; PLC code is automatically generated
  • Control program visualization that allows control room operators to troubleshoot and understand the reasons for unexpected behavior
  • Automatic creation of functional spec documentation that is always kept current with operational code
  • Improved standardization and component re-use

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