Exsif Worldwide Exhibits At The Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics Conference

The Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics Conference 2018 was held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel last week.  I spoke to Nicholas Saunders, Business Development Manager, Exsif Worldwide and he told me that shipping LNG in a cylindrical tank is not only plausible and practical, but safe too.


Exsif leases LNG tanks in the neighborhood of 26,000 liters.  The tank is placed in its own chassis, which adds protection, and makes it stable and steady.  Used for intermodal transportation, the vessel, once in its chassis, can be loaded on a truck, or stacked on a train or ship.

The tanks are insulated for carrying LNG.  It is double walled and contains a vacuum in the annular space.  Thus, heat transfer is mainly by radiation.  The vessel also comes with a relief valve.  The heat transfer design is such that the valve will not relieve until about 120 days, by then, your product has reached it destination.

Nicholas Saunders
A Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company

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