This premier marcus evans conference will provide attendees innovative solutions and collaborative methods to negotiate contracts, write clear drafts, and use effective language. Contracts must balance liability and risks involving all stakeholders – discrepancies and failures in contracts can be overcome to achieve project success.  Change management is resolved via the proper execution of disputes, anticipation of financial strains, and prioritizing of goals.

CHC970-350 x 250

Click on this image to use your discount code: CHC970-HEIN

Key Topics:

  • Discover Strategies for Resolving Disputes Outside of Formal Resolution Methods with Bechtel Corporation
  • Discuss when to Accept or Reject Change Orders to Avoid Unnecessary Lost Time with TetraTech
  • Align Change Management Expectations Between Client and Contractor with Dow Chemical Company
  • Implement Strategies and Best Practices for Consequential Damages with UniversalPegasus International
  • Practice Effective Negotiation Strategies for Procurement of Major Equipment and Technology with Tesla

Who Should Attend

Department Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Senior Legal Counsel who oversee or manage new construction and expansion projects in oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, and LNG – including terminals, and pipelines.  The conference is designed for professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Contract Management / Drafting / Negotiation
  • Procurement / Supply Chain / Sourcing
  • Project Management / Operations
  • Capital / Mega / Large / Major Projects
  • Insurance/Risk Management

Special offers for Houston Energy Industry News readers/members using code CHC970-HEIN when registering for this event – $200 OFF!!!  Click on the image above to register and use your code.

Melini Hadjitheori


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