Press Release: Dedrone Introduces Drone Swarm Detection Capabilities

September 19, 2018

DroneTracker 3.5 boasts enhanced features designed to protect facilities and people against coordinated drone incursions from multiple drones

Dedrone, the leaders in airspace security and developers of the first drone detection software platform, today announced the launch of DroneTracker 3.5, which detects, localizes, and tracks simultaneous drones to protect against advanced drone threats. DroneTracker 3.5 software, hosted in the cloud or on-premise, uses Dedrone’s DroneDNA database to recognize and classify RF, WiFi, and autonomous drones approximately one kilometer away from a protected site.


DroneTracker 3.5 brings significant enhancements for customers including:

  • Localization of multiple drones and remote controls: In the event of multiple drone intrusions, also known as a “swarm,” DroneTracker 3.5 uses RF Sensors and video cameras to provide simultaneous detection, including a redesigned alert screen for handling multiple alerts.
  • Video recording evidence via automated pan-tilt-zoom tracking of drones: As drones maneuver through the airspace, certain PTZ cameras will now be prompted by DroneTracker 3.5 to automatically mimic the movement, providing increased visual awareness of the vehicle’s identifying features and payload. In the case of multiple drones, DroneTracker 3.5 will prompt the PTZ camera to intelligently coordinate their behavior.
  • Map and visualization updates: DroneTracker 3.5 now integrates a point of interest (POI) marker with a tactical overlay on the user’s map, including real-time calculation of distance and movement of multiple targets. DroneTracker 3.5 supports street, satellite and hybrid maps, allowing for users to view drone alerts and movement on the map of their choice.

Together, these updates and improvements make the Dedrone solution the most reliable and accurate drone detection, classification platform for security professionals to protect critical assets.

“Security professionals are now looking beyond the single drone threat and understanding that drone pilots with intent to harm can easily coordinate efforts and use multiple drones at once to covertly spy or interrupt critical operations,” shares Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “DroneTracker 3.5 provides forensic data of drone activity that can be used to secure protected assets, people, and infrastructure from unwanted drones.”

Dedrone’s software is a machine learning network using information from a proprietary database, DroneDNA. DroneTracker gathers intelligence from various sensors, including radio frequency and Wi-Fi scanners, microphones, and cameras, DroneTracker 3.5 can detect drones over a mile away from a protected site and determines the communications protocol of the drone, its flight path and the location of the pilot. Once a drone is detected, the software alerts security personnel and can be integrated to deploy a passive security measure or defeat technology.


Austin Nichols

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