Rice University held its annual Rice Energy Finance Summit on November 9th, 2018, at McNair Hall.  There were a bunch of good speakers there.  Two speakers stand out.


  • Meg Gentle, CEO and President of Tellurian Investments – She states that the LNG market is heating up as nations move towards cleaner fuels.  Supply is ample and so is demand; but there are still geopolitical and logistical issues that must be worked out.  For instance, who will be the suppliers; and how will future technology affect the markets – floating LNG storage has revolutionized the LNG world.


  • Osmar Abib, Managing Director, Global Head of Oil and Gas, Credit Suisse – He states that financing for LNG projects is not an issue at all.  He adds that the world is floating in private equity.  There is plenty of finance available, markets just need to give the green light.


There was also a panel on Digital Transformation In The Energy Industry.  The key takeaway there is that all business will soon be digital – paperless.  Inputs and outputs from tablets, cell phones, keyboards will all be shared via the cloud; and big data will be tackled.  The general consensus is “good bye dog eared book pages”.


Allow me to add a kind remark about the lunch served at the meeting – it was great.  Tender lamb ribs with creamy sliced potatoes.  Can’t go wrong there.  Furthermore, the meeting closed with a great mixer.  Lots of smart people there.  Join us next year !!!!



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