Permian Basin Artificial Lift & Production Optimization 2019 Congress

Permian Basin Artificial Lift & Production Optimization 2019 Congress

January 29, 30 & 31, 2019 – Houston, TX

Pushing The Limits Of Production & Well Optimization To Operate Better, Faster And Leaner In The Permian Basin


Recognizing the industry’s current production challenges, imminent priorities and evolving technology requirements, American Business Conferences’ annual Permian Basin Artificial Lift & Production Optimization conference returns to Houston in January, with an agenda that has been researched and redeveloped to assess production optimization and well reliability techniques & technologies that have been adjusted over the last 12 months to achieve better equipment, wellbore and production efficiencies.

In January 2019, you will hear from the largest group of speakers from E&P operating companies, supported by technology providers and equipment suppliers, sharing first-hand technical expertise and strategic visions on the application of cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Learn how some of the Permian leading players are pushing the limits of production to increase operational efficiencies and expand equipment lifetimes.

Latest speakers include:

  • Donald Peacock. Vice President Operations, PCORE Exploration
  • Daniel Rohling, Vice President Permian Production, Ajax Resources
  • Lucas Green, Operations Center Team Lead, Sanchez Oil & Gas
  • Dennis Harris, Well Reliability Optimization Team, Chevron Energy Technology Company
  • Austin Caudill, Operations Manager, Urban Oil & Gas
  • Leslie Malone, Well Work & Well Optimization Manager, Sanchez Oil & Gas
  • Prince Kwarteng, Special Projects Petroleum Engineer, Discovery Operating Inc.
  • William Nielsen, Vice President & General Manager, Materion
  • Richard Cash, Field Sales Engineer, Materion
  • Renato Peixoto Countinho, Award Winning Researcher, Louisiana State University

Visit for the speaker line-up and to download the conference brochure.

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