Arktos Developments Ltd. Exhibits at the Arctic Technology Conference in Houston

I visited the Arktos Developments exhibition booth at the Arctic Technology Conference this week.  This company specializes in amphibian vehicles for the cold arctic environment.

Darlene Seligman, Vice President, stated that fine mobility is necessary in the arctic – for instance, rescue operations or barge traffic.  She says that her vehicles can perform these operations and still keep the amphibious craft operators safe and dry.  Darlene adds that her vehicles are first sea craft, then land craft; rather than vice versa.  Thus, they are also used off the coast of Saudi Arabia – the vehicles come on shore and move with ease in the sand.


Here is a list of the operations their craft can do.

  • Evacuation for Offshore Oil Platforms or Cruise Ships
  • Ice Management (river jams, pathways for ferries/boats etc.)
  • Ice road Construction and Maintenance
  • Seismic Survey Craft (shallow water, deep mud and transitions zones)
  • Pipeline Service Craft
  • Wind Farm Service Craft
  • Amphibious Crane Craft
  • Amphibious Fire-Fighting
  • Amphibious Ferry (Passengers only)
  • Ship to Shore duties (personnel transport, re-supply etc.)
  • Ship to boat (in ice conditions)
  • Towing (amphibious barges, mobile camps, disabled boats, life-rafts, oil spill booms etc.)


Darlene Seligman

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