The Arctic Technology Conference Closes The First Day with Awards and Celebration

The Arctic Technology Conference is currently being held at the Hilton Americas Hotel, in Houston, Texas.  The meeting will continue through Thursday.


On the first day, the conference hosted an important group of speakers:

  • Lars-Erik Aamot,
    Director General,
    Head of Oil and Gas Department
    Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
  • Lisa Murkowski,
    Senator, State of Alaska
    United States
  • Doug Trask,
    Assistant Deputy Minister, Royalties and Benefits,
    Department of Natural Resources,
    Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


Some important issues being discussed at the conference include technology and the environment.

  • Leakage of hydrocarbons in Arctic waters from machines and engines
  • Mapping ice formations
  • Surveying the ocean floor for oil deposits
  • Regulations
  • Ship testing
  • Arctic Logistics


The conclusion of the first day comprised of an awards celebration and mixer.  In the second photo above, the National Research Council Canada is receiving its award for “OTC Arctic Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions”  Here is the official statement from conference website.

The National Research Council of Canada will be presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award for their involvement in the development of Arctic tools and technologies. For more than 60 years, NRC Canada has provided regulatory, operational, and engineering design support to its clients.

Please come join us!!!


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