Press Release: SpaceCom Announces Visionary Keynotes for 2018 Event

October 29, 2018 

HOUSTONSpaceCom – The Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, where NASA, aerospace and industry come together to connect, has finalized its roster of keynote speakers, leaders in the global commercial space market, who will share real applications of space technology that can be used today.


“SpaceCom is where NASA, aerospace and industry convene to learn about the importance of space-based assets to other industries and how investing in the commercial space market now will create incredible business opportunities for the future,” said James Causey, executive director of SpaceCom. “This year’s keynote presentations analyze the current state of the commercial space market while exploring the potential growth and impact this market has on all industries.”


George Whitesides, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Galactic – Transforming Space Commerce George T. Whitesides is the CEO of Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson’s human spaceflight venture, and The Spaceship Company, a manufacturer of advanced space vehicles.  With its innovative spacecraft, the company seeks to transform access to space to change the world for good.

Kevin O’Connell, Director of the Office of Space Commerce at the U.S. Department of Commerce – The $1T Space Economy: How Will We Get There?

Following the Department of Commerce’s renewed focus on space commerce, O’Connell will review the necessary elements that are needed to achieve the incredible space economy envisioned by several investment firms, space advocates, and analysts. This discussion aligns perfectly with his responsibility to serve as a space industry advocate within the Executive Branch of the U.S government.


Rakesh Sasibhushan, Chairman and Managing Director of Antrix Corporation – Indian Space Program: A Partner to Nation Building

Sasibhushan will give an update on the evolution of the space program in India, and how it has improved the overall quality of lives, empowered the common citizen through better education, and ultimately helped to develop a resilient and more prosperous, knowledgeable society.

Manuel Heitor, Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education in Portugal – New Horizons for New Space; Co-designing the Atlantic International Satellite Launch Program

Heitor will highlight an initiative by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) and the Mission Structure of the Azores for Space (EMA-Space) to qualified entities worldwide. This initiative is to discover who has an interest to collaborate with Portuguese enterprises and research laboratories to design, install, and operate a spaceport on the Island of Santa Maria in association with the development and operation of a new generation of satellite launch services to space.

Tory Bruno, Chief Executive Officer of United Launch Alliance (ULA)

He will bring the conversation full circle to discuss how ULA is the nation’s most experienced space launch company with 130 consecutive launches and a 100 percent mission success rate. From plans to fly American astronauts on their Atlas V launch vehicle, to the development of ULA’s next-generation launch vehicle Vulcan Centaur, Bruno will explore how ULA plans to harness the potential of space for humanity.

SpaceCom 2018 will focus on in-depth education and interactive exchanges, and foster connections to help attendees explore new markets, improve profits and close contracts. The program features visionaries and innovators covering international commercial space opportunities and key benchmarks for a near Earth economy, as well as industry targeted workshops to address specific applications of space technology in the public and private sectors. To learn more or to register for SpaceCom, please visit


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