While attending the National Safety Congress this week, I stopped by the Milliken and Company exhibition booth.  I was really impressed with the types of flame resistant clothing they have to offer.  When I started out, back in the good ole days, flame resistant clothing looked pretty ugly.  But today, Milliken offers nice looking shirts and pants stylish enough to take your wife out to dinner after work.  Milliken’s product line even includes Spandex for extra stretch in tight fittings areas.

Westex by Milliken Logo_300x125

Here is their formal press release for the Congress:

Superior offering of FR fabrics enables easy wear, easy adoption for daily FR protection

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Trusted arc-rated (AR) flame-resistant (FR) textiles manufacturer Westex by Milliken will be highlighting its offering of performance AR/FR fabric and latest innovations for everyday FR apparel at NSC Congress & Expo, booth 3627, October 22-24 in Houston. A leading industry educator, Westex by Milliken will also be conducting in-booth seminars in both English and Spanish, including what the recent changes to NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 mean for safety managers.

Westex® DH Performance FR Fabric

Westex DH AR/FR performance fabric features a unique non-cotton fiber blend for outstanding breathability and optimized moisture wicking benefits with dual-hazard protection. The result keeps the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable on the job. Westex DH is NFPA 2112 certified, meets NFPA 70E category 2 protection and is ANSI 107 certified, making it an excellent choice for arc flash and flash fire protection.

Westex DH Product Image - Clean

Westex DH is a superior choice to leading competitor blend fabrics due to its faster moisture absorbency. The high breathability and moisture wicking properties are beneficial in all types of weather, from keeping workers cool in summer heat to ensuring workers stay warm in layered FR systems without sweating. The fabric is available in four weights suitable for lightweight shirts, vests, coveralls, pants and jackets, respectively.

Westex Indigo® Style 320 FR Stretch Denim

The latest addition to the popular Westex Indigo AR/FR denim line, Style 320 features excellent stretch and recovery properties made possible by a unique blend of cotton, polyester and spandex for enhanced wearer comfort and mobility. Backed by a good wash-down appearance through extended laundering, Style 320 mirrors non-FR stretch denim trends, allowing wearers to achieve the comfort and styling of streetwear denim and encouraging the use of everyday FR denim to further support on-the-job protection. Westex Indigo AR/FR fabrics are certified to NFPA 2112 and meet NFPA 70E PPE Category 2 for arc flash and flash fire protection.

Westex Indigo Style 320

Discover Westex by Milliken’s extensive product line and library of FR safety educational tools throughout NSC Congress & Expo in booth 3627, or learn more by visiting http://www.westex.com

Mollie Williams

Liz Morris

Stephen Morrill


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