IADC Contracts & Risk Management Conference Concludes Today

The Contracts & Risk Management Conference, sponsored by the International Association of Drilling Contractors concludes today.  I had a chance to attend the conference and learn a little about contracts.



One presentation that stands out is Global Developments in Bribery and Corruption – Drafting Tips: David Leckie, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP.  One point David makes is that, in the US, transferring criminal cases to civil cases has yielded large revenues for the Federal Government.  That is, a criminal case is not pursued, but rather, a civil (non-criminal) lawsuit is the target.  He states this is being contemplated in the UK.  Note that  plea agreements in the UK are not allowed.


One famous example of such a lawsuit in the US is Goldman Sachs:  S.E.C. Accuses Goldman of Fraud in Housing Deal.  You can also read Goldman Sachs Will Not Face Criminal Charges: Justice Department.


We closed the first day of the conference with a mixer.  Some of us continued socializing at a nearby restaurant.  Check out the photo below of David Leckie; Claudette Gaius, EPEUS; Luis Miranda, Miranda Alliance; Veronica Geller, Geller Translation; and others.  Find out more about the conference here:  http://www.iadc.org/event/iadc-contracts-risk-management-conference/


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