Press Release: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” Adopted by Pennsylvania Senate

At the Helium Summit 2018, held in Houston last week, I spoke to Michael Walsh of PDC Machines about the company’s diaphragm compressor.  The diaphragm compressor is a hermetic device that is useful in dealing with poisonous or explosive gases.  PDC uses a stainless steel diaphragm.  There is no shaft; thus no leaking through the shaft seal.

Attached below is PDC’s recent press release explaining how diaphragm compressors will help promote fuel cell cars, increase fuel efficiency, and decrease carbon emissions.


Harrisburg –The Senate today adopted a resolution sponsored by Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) recognizing October 8, 2018 as “National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” in Pennsylvania. Scientists and engineers across the country will celebrate Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day on October 8, a date chosen for the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008).

Mensch noted the United States is a world leader in the development and deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. In Pennsylvania, hydrogen is emerging as an energy carrier and a pathway to good environmental stewardship.

As an example, Mensch cited PDC Machines, located in Warminster Township, Bucks County. PDC Machines is continuously working to develop new technologies related to Hydrogen Fuel Cells and encouraging growth within this sector.

“Hydrogen and fuel cells can be used in multiple sectors for transportation, stationary power, and industrial applications, enabling energy security, resiliency, and a strong domestic economy in emerging technologies,” Mensch said. “It is important that private industries, federal and state governments, national laboratories, and institutions of higher education continue to improve fuel cell and hydrogen technologies to address the most pressing energy, environmental, and economic issues of the United States.”

For more information on Senator Mensch’s legislation
Twitter @SenatorMensch
Mark Fetzko (717) 787-3110
Sarah Rasmussen (215) 541-2388

For more information on PDC Machines, contact
Michael Walsh
TEL 215.443.9442

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