Helium Summit 2018 Closes With Great Mixer

The Helium Summit 2018 concluded yesterday with a fun mixer sponsored by DataOnline.  The entire event was held at the Marriott Marquis, October 3 -4, 2018 and included exhibition.


Here are some of the presentations made at the meeting:

  • Wally Nelson, Air Products
    Helium Market Overview – The Big Picture
  • Sam Burton. Bureau of Land Management’s Federal Helium Program
    BLM Operations & Privatization
  • Claus Nussgruber, Linde
    Gazprom’s Amur Project


  • Jerome Christin, Air Liquide
    Qatar – Status & New Normal Logistics
  • Rex Canon, IACX Energy LLC
    Supply from Non-Hydrocarbon Sources
  • Nick Snyder, North American Helium, Inc.
    Helium Production in SK


  • Phil Kornbluth, Kornbluth Helium Consulting
    Impact of the Praxair/Linde Merger
  • Steve Eckhardt, Matheson Tri-Gas
    Overview of the Chinese Market
  • Michael A. Corbett, Linx Consulting
    Helium use in the Electronics Industry


  • Ken Kelley
    High Capacity Tube Trailers
  • Todd Newman, Gardner Cryogenics and CryoMachinery
    State of the Art – 11,000 Ga. Containers


The overarching topic at the meeting is the current shortage of helium and what to do about it.  Apparently there is an enormous amount of helium trapped in the ground that presently is not being utilized.  One speaker stated that it is difficult to talk about market growth when there simply is no supply.


The conference is sponsored by GasWorld and they frequently hold conferences in Houston.  Visit their website to learn more:  http://www.gasworldconferences.com.


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