Standards and Practices for Industrial Systems Cybersecurity


Operating since 2002, the ISA99 committee has primary responsibility for the development of the 62443 series of standards for industrial automation and control systems cybersecurity. Working closely with IEC technical committee 65, working group 10 our committee has reached a point where the essential components of the 62443 series are now “feature complete,” with all major standards in the series either published or soon to be published. And yet, our work is not complete. Having defined the normative requirements and primary direction, our focus is shifting to providing practical guidance in the form of case studies, use cases and related information.

This address examines the constantly evolving need for assistance and guidance on how to provide a risk-based response to the need for improved industrial systems security, as well as the resources available for assembling this response. It describes where standards are appropriate, and where they are not sufficient, giving advice on how to supplement this information for practical applications.

Eric Cosman

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Brief Biography

Eric C. Cosman provides consulting and advisory services with a focus on the management of IT solutions in Operations and Engineering. With over 35 years of experience in the process industries he has held several positions related to industrial applications of information technology, with responsibilities in system architecture definition and design, project management, technology life cycle management, and integration planning.

He has contributed to various standards committees, focus groups, and advisory panels. He has served as the vice president of standards and practices at The International Society for Automation (ISA) and as a member of the ISA Executive Board. Eric has recently been elected as ISA president elect and secretary for 2009.

Eric is an industry leader in the development of standards and practices for industrial control systems security. He is a founding member and currently serves as the co-chair of the ISA99 committee on industrial automation and control systems security.


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