Interview with Lloyd’s Register at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit

I had the great pleasure of interviewing management from Lloyd’s Register (LR) in attendance at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit held in Houston, Texas, September 24 – 25, 2018. At the interview, we have present the following personnel:

  • Carolyn Heeps, Head of Renewables – Americas

  • Matthew Thalakottur, Head of Business Development, IoT and Analytics

  • Teril Smith, Director of Energy Operations

  • Brian Renaud, Vice President of Business Development, Energy Sales


From left to right:  Matthew, Carolyn, Brian, and Teril

LR has three main business areas: Marine, Energy, and Management Systems (Quality Assurance). Renewables is a subset of Energy, and that includes solar, waves, nuclear, and wind. At the core of the LR business plan, is their historic competency – classification, certification, and 3rd party oversite. This applies to wind as well.

Carolyn Heeps, who has 17 years of international experience in the wind energy arena, states that her department provides services like site and resource assessment, wind and ground modeling, asset and human safety, and design review – to name a few. She adds that her department is critical to the design and construction of an offshore wind turbines because the business is regulated by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management; and state and local governments too. Thus, 3rd party oversight is vitally important to insure asset, environmental, and personnel safety.

Matthew adds that LR has recently acquired the company Nettitude to expand LR’s capability in the management and assurance of assets, like wind turbines. The goal is management of big data. Therefore, data taken from routine surveys of equipment and data from sensors on the wind structure can all be stored in a remote, cloud, server; and it is managed via LR’s proprietary software. The whole bundle is sold as a package – software as a service. Again, the goal is asset optimization and risk reduction. This means managing the data via software to provide assurance and oversight: predict mechanical failure, record blade pitch and rpms, keep track of maintenance schedules, and monitor power generation.

Teril and Brian note that LR has over 260 years of experience in 3rd party oversight, certification, and risk management. All LR’s experience in the marine and energy business is easily transferred to the wind energy sector. Teril concludes that LR is a UK charitable trust – that is 100% non-profit.

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