Whiskies of the World – Houston Tasting Event, 9/22/2018

I had the pleasure of attending Whiskies of the World, whiskey tasting event held at Silver Street Studio from 5pm to 9pm in Houston, Texas, on 9/22/2018.  Whiskey tasting booths were set up throughout the warehouse area and it proved to be a lot of fun.


The one thing we like to do in the oil business is celebrate:  corporate gala, after work, on weekends, and at the end of a conference. Thus, this event may hold some good options for your next corporate function.


.  The usual players were in attendance, Crown Royal and Jack Daniels; but there were a few interesting exhibitors that caught my eye.


The first interesting exhibitor is Sugarland’s  Distilling.  This is not whiskey actually, but moonshine.  In essence, moonshine is mixed with other ingredients like cinnamon and apple to make a really smooth and delicious drink.  Flavors include Dynamite Cinnamon, Rye Apple, and Hazelnut.  Distilled in Gatlinburg, TN, the product comes in an old fashioned mason jar to give it that famous Appalachian moonshine appeal.  https://www.sugarlands.com/


Another interesting booth at the event is one that is promoting a documentary about whiskey!!!  The name of the film is “The Water of Life”:  “At the center of our story is the legendary Jim McEwan. Born next door to the Bowmore Distillery, Jim has spent his life in whisky and he has never stopped breaking new ground. With his latest venture Ardnahoe set to open in a matter of weeks, Jim has completed a dream of helping build a new distillery from the ground up.”  The film is currently in production.  Production is set to end around April of 2019.  It should open for public viewing late in 2019.   https://wateroflifefilm.com/


I sure had a lot of fun at this event.  There were companies at the function from Austin, Chicago, the Pacific Northwest; and even Goa, India.  Check out some of these vendors for your next professional meeting or event at http://www.whiskiesoftheworld.com.  CHEERS !!!!


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