Machine Learning Survey

Machine Learning Projects to See Massive Momentum Over Next Two Years

machinie learning

Executive Summary

In a new survey release by Univa, this research finds that machine learning is in an explosive growth phase with nearly every company interviewed anticipating more projects over the next two years.

  • There is a diverse set of machine learning projects that companies have initiated showing there are numerous areas where machine learning can drive value
  • 2 in 10 companies have machine learning projects running in production, citing migration as the top technical issue
  • 9 out 10 companies surveyed expect to use graphic processing units (GPUs) as part of their machine learning infrastructure with increasing utilization of the hybrid cloud to expand their capabilities while keeping costs down.
  • This research also finds a direct correlation between high performance computing (HPC) and machine learning, with more than 88% of respondents indicating that they are working with HPC in their jobs.
  • Technology, financial services and healthcare lead the charge when it comes to machine learning adoption

Click here for the full report.


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