5th Annual Cost-Effective Well Site Facilities Onshore 2018 Concludes Today

I had an opportunity to attend the 5th Annual Cost-Effective Well Site Facilities Onshore 2018 Conference this week.  This year’s meeting is held at the Westin Galleria, September 18 -20, 2018.  http://www.facilities-design-onshore.com/


The focus of the conference is “the ultimate goal of growing without increasing cost, while achieving a smaller footprint – meaning increased capital benefit, reduced processing footprint, reduction in labor time, improvement in safety – and covers the full breath of best practices to take a project from strategy to full development mode.


American Business Conferences organized the conference.  Here is a snapshot of the presentation agenda:

  • Speaker Line-Up Like Never Seen Before : Greater representation from Majors, Super Majors and Mid-sized Operators that are maximizing facilities performance by leaps and bounds
  • 3 Days, Over 30 Speakers, 24+ Hours of Learning & Networking And Multiple Registration Options: Take back specially designed workshop material plus all conference presentations
  • Strategies For Doing More With Less & As Fast As Possible : Case studies reflecting actual results and best practices for doing more with less, while cutting costs and time on pad as much as possible
  • Nuts & Bolts Details : Dig deeper into topics as more granular level data and specifics are shared
  • Actual Lessons Learned : Real information on what operators tested, what equipment they installed, what results they got and how it helped them better themselves
  • No Stones Left Unturned In 2018 : With no grey areas, speakers this year will deliver practical, working examples and end-to-end case studies – simply, fully and in a quick manner


As I walked though exhibition hall, I got a sense that there are certain issues of concern in the oil business that outpace others.  Some of these concerns include vapor recovery and emissions control, as well as pipeline integrity, maintenance, and repair.  Oh and dont forget wellhead flow characteristics:  triple phase flow, gas-liquid-solid fractions, and mass rate.


Cost-Effective Well Site Facilities Onshore is coming back in 2019.  For infomation, go to https://www.american-business-conferences.com/contact.  Please join us.



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