IDT EXPO holds its Fall Quarterly Meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn NW America Plaza.  We enjoyed hearing a host of  interesting speakers.  The purpose of the organization is networking because the philosophy is that networking is a win-win situation, for the one with the knowledge and for the one who needs it.



The first speaker is Michael Slabic of Slabic Wealth Management – Northwestern Mutual and his focus is networking.  Mike re-enforces the win-win concept:  networking is a pathway to new business and serves as a conduit for referral.  He recommends 3 methods of enhancing networking:  1.  Maintain your LinkedIn account and make it look nice.  2.  Manage your cell phone contacts, no one can properly manage 5,000 cell phone contacts. 3.  Use Facebook to know about your clients, make them friends as well as business contacts.


The lunch meeting presentation is by Gary Littlestar, CEO of Smartpipe.  His focus is on upgrading the current, aging, pipeline grid with plastic composite inserts.  The plastic composite pipe is very durable.  Fiber optic cables, embedded into the composite pipe’s construction, provide the operator with leak detection, communication, strain, ground movement and third party intrusion detection in real time.


Other speakers included Chris Alexander president of IDT EXPO and ADV Integrity, Inc.  In addition, Steven Koles, President of Hifi Engineering – Worldclass Pipeline Monitoring.


IDT EXPO will host their full conference in August, 2019.  To learn more, go to  or contact  See you there !!!



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