ISA Houston Section Analysis Division Subsection hosts their yearly fundraiser that funds the needs for the analysis subsection’s monthly meetings. ISA stands for International Society of Automaton.  In 2017, a large amount of the proceeds from this event went to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


The event is held at Clear Lake Park:  5001 E NASA Pkwy, Seabrook, TX 77586.  Right on Clear Lake and almost directly across the street from NASA.  It doesnt matter what the temperature is outside, that cool  lake breeze keeps you feeling very comfortable.


The focus of the subdivision is measuring the composition of process streams and related laboratory methodology .  That includes such things as spectroscopy, chromatography, electrochemistry, etc.


The food was pretty good at this event.  There was a variety of shrimp from mild to really hot.  Moreover, the menu included corn on the cob, baked potatoes; and beer ranging from Shiner to Budweiser Light.


I had a chance to meet some interesting folks there, like the former chairman of the subsection and the present president of the ISA Houston Section; and people from industry including Dow, Conoco, and Vector Controls.


To learn more about the ISA Analysis Division Subsection, contact:

Court Sullivan


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