Video: US economy is firing on all cylinders: Fed’s Esther George

This is an interesting interview with the Kansas City Fed Chair.  After viewing this video, I came away with one clear statement that she is making:  “I DON’T KNOW”.  The entire interview is this big, fuzzy, misty, opaque ball of mystery.  However, she did hint at something that I do know is for sure – if the economy even shows the slightest hint of inflation, the Fed is going to pounce on it like a ton of bricks, because that is the job of the Fed.  Hello crazy interest rate hikes!  Hello second housing crisis!  Hello recession!

Has anyone ever wondered, “who are these people?  how does anyone get a soft, do nothing job like that?”  They seem to come from out of nowhere, then suddenly there they are putting a wrecking ball to everything we have worked for.  CNBC used to always say when Greenspan was chairman, “what the Fed wants, the Fed gets”.  If the Trump economy is taking off, it wont be for much longer with people like this in our government.

The president lowers taxes to help the employment numbers.  The Fed raises interest rates to slow employment and lower inflation.  The Treasury increases the debt by trillions of dollars to promote employment; but how much of that money really goes to working class Americans and just how much fills the pockets of large government contractors?  Is our government “asleep at the wheel”?

Please click on the image below to see the interview.


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