Video: EPA Rolling Back Obama-Era Power Plant Regulations

There has been a large backlash regarding the President easing restrictions on coal fired power plants.  As usual, most of it is not presented in a clear headed way; but rather, full of egotistical rage.  Sanjay Gupta, CNN correspondent, is the only one I can find that is essentially condemning the action but still coolly spelling out the facts.  CNN is not one of my favorite news agencies but I cannot deny that this presentation is simply factual.

Video after video on the internet,  Donald Trump is stating that coal is clean burning.  It is obvious that he is under great pressure to win key states like West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in 2020.  Otherwise, how could he say something so ridiculus?  Trump has just joined other presidents in history known for great bloopers and blunders.

  • Jimmy Carter setting the national speed limit to 55mph
  • Richard Nixon stating to cameramen that the prompter should be close to the camera otherwise he gets shifty eyes.
  • Ronald Reagan using an astrologer in the White House
  • Bill Clinton stating that he did not inhale.

Congratulations Mr President, you finally made it.  Please click on the image below so see the video.

trump coal

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