Ai Prime Hosts Grand Finale Party at NAPE Summer 2018 Conference

On Thursday night, the last day of the NAPE Conference, Ai Prime held a mixer at the The Grotto, located within the George R. Brown Convention Center.  The place was packed with good people, good fun, and good cocktails.


Ai Prime is a company whose aim is to replace Google Earth as the key aerial intelligence gathering tool in the Texas oil business.  Although the company does sell data, and its software has a data management feature, its claim to fame is the clearness and accuracy of its aerial photography over oil fields.


Ai Prime claims that their aerial data has more resolution and is far more recent than Google Earth.  CEO Nelson Paez states that oil field real estate can be inspected for purchase completely by aerial surveillance – any anomalies or damage to equipment can be easily identified.


Tim Dombrowski, CRO, states,  Ai Prime is “a data platform promising to be the next generation data aggregator for oil & gas upstream or midstream landmen and operators. You can think about having underlying IHS or DrillingInfo type data and mapping, but with the added benefit of high resolution aerial imagery that is 100 to 1,000X the fidelity of GoogleEarth and available for 1000s of square miles in high-value, high-asset regions, updated monthly, weekly, or even daily.”


Dombrowski continues, “Exactly how this operation is run and how the insanely low price points are achieved is a secret for now, but it comes from decades of military experience and millions in government funding now being applied commercially for the first time without international arms restrictions. ”


Checkout Ai Prime at, or contact Tim Dombrowski at, TEL 408-391-9936.  CHEERS!!!


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