Video: Trump vs China: Trade War 2018 Discussion

This is an interesting video I found from India.  I wanted to see some external views on this whole discussion.  Liberals all over the world are in agreement:  open borders, free trade, multilateralism, antiprotectionism, and open migration – except when it comes to their country.  All I can say is that the USA is our home; and in our home, Americans make the rules.  Yet, the media every where is promoting the image that Trump is a man all alone, isolated, without friends.  I doubt that.  I am happy that he is breaking an old standing image of the USA when it comes to dealing with other nations:  gunboat diplomacy.  He is a businessman.  If we are going to have conflicts with other nations, then let them be economic; and not militaristic.  Remember, Trump’s actions are called “protectionism” and that is exactly what tariffs do – protect local industry.

Please click image below to view the video.


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