Video: Houston Activates Heat Emergency Plan

It sure is getting hot out there.  As a chemical engineer, I have had the good fortune of always working inside of an air conditioned building as a process systems design engineer.  I never worked inside the plant fence line.  Thus, I just dont know how those guys are surviving out there.

Plant workers have to wear Nomex clothing, boots, hardhat, goggles, hearing protection; and sometimes around very hot equipment like a boiler or furnace or heat exchanger.  How would you like to stand beside a Kellogg milli-second ethane cracker in this hot weather?

I am not going to get on my global warming soapbox today, but these temperatures are outrageous.  I traveled to Spain and Greece a few summers ago and climbed around an old Islamic fort in Malaga and the Parthenon.  Everyday was over 100 degrees.  I came back to my hotel literally drenched in sweat.

I read in the book called “The Peloponnesian War”, by Thucydides, that back in that time, Pylos would receive snow during the winter.  While in Athens, I asked people about that, and they said, “WHAT???”.

Please click the link below for a video produced by Channel 11 which discusses this heat wave in Houston.


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