Profile: Veronica Longoria

Veronica is a painter and computer graphics designer in Houston, Texas.  Originally from the Harlingen, Texas area (down in the Valley) she received her BA in Media Arts and Animation from the The Art Institute of Houston in 2010. For over 10 years, Veronica has been working in the areas of freehand painting, and commercial animation for the oil and gas industry.


Since 2010, Veronica has worked and consulted for several big names in the hydrocarbon processing industries: Schlumberger, Cameron, and Hess. She creates dynamic videos of process fluids flowing through oilfields and associated piping. This requires working with experts in the areas of computational fluid dynamics. Veronica also creates plastic models of processing facilities from engineering designs, drawings, and isometrics.


V-ROC Studios was opened in 2009, in Houston, where Veronica is owner and artist. Although her company does engage in photography and graphic design, the firm focuses heavily in fine art. Personally, I would describe her art as surreal or existential. It focuses on life itself using deep colors rooted in Mexican-American culture. She just opened a new store front at Winter Street Studios – Sawyer Yards, close to downtown.


Veronica says, “I really enjoy doing industrial graphic art, but painting is a large part of my personality and is something I am compelled to pursue”. As for me, I hope the paintings keep coming.


Veronica Longoria

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