American Business Conferences presents the Machine Learning & AI Upstream Onshore Oil & Gas 2018, built out of the industry-acclaimed Well Site Automation conference, to reflect the fast-moving pace of the North American Onshore Oil & Gas industry and addressing the industry’s immediate learning priorities.  The Conference is held August 28 – 29 at the Double Tree Hotel Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas (click on the image below)
In the last six months, more and more companies are starting to see Machine Learning being used in their day-to-day operations, not only as the way of the future, but as the way of now. Some are just getting started, others are figuring out how to get started, while others have multiple, on-going, established and successful projects.  

Machine Learning, AI and Analytics have the power to transform upstream oil and gas. Properly applying these new innovations can help operators improve production by as much as 8%, positively impacting the bottom-line by up to $260 million.

Staying true to American Business Conferences’ E&P case study and discussion format, Machine Learning & AI Upstream Onshore Oil & Gas 2018 goes deeper into what has truly been accomplished using AI and Machine Learning.  With no smoke & mirror presentations, this event focuses specifically on real-world applications and lessons learned on where Machine Learning and AI has solved engineering and actual performance problems to optimize production and operational efficiencies.

The conference is led by E&P companies including Devon Energy, Southwestern Energy, California Resources Corporation, Marathon Oil, Williams, Echo Energy, Chesapeake Energy , EXCO Resources, Murphy Oil and more.

More information and a full agenda, speaker line-up can be found at the conference website: or simply click on the image above.


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