I have the pleasure of attending the Pump and Fugitive Emissions Summit in Houston on June 26 – 27, 2018.  A presentation that jumps out at me is the one by Matjaž Matošec from Resolute Research. He stated that the oil and gas business definitely started its rebound in 2017 and will continue to revitalize through 2020.  He stated that 2018 is still a recovery year, but 2019 will show dramatic increases in engineering, construction, and the purchasing of items like pumps, valves, and piping.

Much of his speech is summarized in his recent article “Attractive Opportunities For Valve Sales In Upstream Oil & Gas”, published by Valve World magazine.  The article provides informative data, forecasts, and graphs.

Matjaž Matošec is Research Manager at Resolute Research where he leads a dynamic team of market analysts. Resolute Research is a Netherlands-based market research and consulting firm providing global clients with world-class market intelligence on industrial valves, pumps and flowmeters, in the form of market reports, supplier databases, product databases and custom research. For more information visit: www.resoluteresearch.com.

Matjaž Matošec

Matjaž Matošec
Research Manager
Phone: +31 262 051 519


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