The KPMG Global Energy Conference was held last week at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, in Houston, Texas.  The two day conference started on June 6th and ended on June 7th.  The keynote speakers were award winning journalist Soledad O’Brien and Former US Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.

KPMG Energy Conference 2018 4

On June 6th, Soledad O’Brien spoke to the audience at 1pm.  Her central theme emphasized the need to obtain verifiable data in journalism.  Journalist should dig for the facts and report these facts in an objective way; and furthermore, the public should help the press in obtaining these facts.

KPMG Energy Conference 2018 5

On June 7th, George Mitchell addressed the conference at about 12:45pm.  His main message was that we should all have hope for the future.  The world has never been a safe place but folks just keep moving onward.  So, do not give up your dreams.  He used his namesake at Mitchell Energy as an example.  This was the son of a Greek goat shepherd and he went on to pioneer hydraulic fracturing and build Mitchell Energy.

KPMG Energy Conference 2018 6

The conference discussed many themes:  tax reform, the future of nationalized oil companies, cyber security, electric vehicles, and energy accounting.  There were many KPMG employees and partners there from all over the world.  I cannot wait until next year.

KPMG Energy Conference 2018 8


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