Rembe GmbH Exhibits at OTC

The 2018 Offshore Technology Conference is this week.  I spoke with Stefan Rüsenberg, PhD mechanical engineer at Rembe on Monday.  Rembe is a German manufacturer of rupture disks and conservation vents.  I asked him what is new at his company.

Safety valves are very commonly used to protect equipment from unacceptable overpressure or vacuum. However, over the last few months there has been a steady increase in the demand for a combination of safety valves and rupture discs. This may initially seem like “too much of a good thing”, but a closer look reveals that it is extremely reasonable, and above all, cost-effective


How can this be so?

Rupture disks are very valuable for their extremely high leak-tightness, particularly for systems that carry toxic media. Yet even if the media is non-toxic; but nevertheless valuable, operators have a vested interest in perfect leak-tightness. High-quality (reverse acting) rupture discs meet this requirement, and can be used in stand alone applications. Moreover, they are perfectly leak-tight and work for long periods of time.



What is another added benefit of a rupture disk?

There are 2.  First, the pressure relief valve can become damaged or stuck, in corrosive environments.  The rupture disk insures the valve will release at the set pressure.  Secondly, in corrosive applications, the relief valve can be constructed from less expensive metals; and thus save money.

Stefan Rüsenberg, PhD (Eng)
REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control
Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service
T.: +49 2961 74050



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